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Welcome to my New Website and Blog!

Throughout my experience as Mayor, my administration, our library, our schools, our churches and many civic organizations provide a wide-array of community events, activities and resources, but Hillside’s attendance, knowledge, information and support of our own community thrusts needs to improve.

I have decided to create this web-based platform to expand community engagement and knowledge about Hillside events, job opportunities, podcasts, Storytime with the Mayor and to provide residents with proper, valid and relevant information that affect our township and our livelihood. This website will afford me a little more freedom to explore, explain and engage with my community.

Practically, people and children live up to expectations. In the new age, it is “The Law of Attraction” and biblically, “… all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”- Matthew 21:22.

I managed to avoid the negativity, the seedy entanglements and corruption in Hillside simply by being the Mayor I have always wanted as a Hillside mother and wife who works and feels blessed for my ability to pay taxes. This chick is family oriented and I am living the change I want to see in my community and in the world.

If we want better, we need to choose better. We are a proud, diverse and hard-working township; however, we can be so much more. We can only choose better and do more by re-imagining and getting to know our community and neighbors. Hillside needs your talents, skills, startups, “side hustles” and general involvement. It is my hope that this website will encourage you to get involved, ask questions, find your niche and a way to serve your best and higher self.

Thank you for visiting.

~Your Mayor


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