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Supporting Andy Kim for U.S. Senate

Updated: Jan 30

Who we support as the next U.S. Senator for New Jersey has the power to impart

serious social consequences to our lives and the lives within our sister states that also need

our support in Congress. I am supporting Andy Kim for U.S. Senate and here are my

reasons for doing so.

I speak from the lens of a grassroots, democratic, black, female, mayor who was not supported by my local Democratic Party in 2021. Unorthodox fundraising and grassroots

campaigns allow the space for the freedoms necessary to protect democracy and exercise

the access that our ancestors on the margins were denied. Black women are the most

overutilized for GOTV efforts, but the most underfunded when we dare to lead or better yet, run for and obtain office. We are expected to use our social identity to obtain votes, but never our voice.

Party bosses have become field generals who invest no grassroots energy into their

strategies to attract, educate and invest in the communities they are supposed to serve.

Voters are keenly aware of our problems, but are tired of over-privileged, pop-up

candidates who are presented as the “savior of the masses” in packaged, well-monied

“connections for protection”.

Democrats currently have a one (1) seat majority in the Senate. Tammy Murphy

switched from being a lifelong republican to the democratic party upon her husband’s

election to Governor eight years ago. We cannot risk another Joe Manchin/Kristen Sinema

experience where one ascends using democratic party resources to then emerge vacillating

about where and with whom they stand when it comes to representing our interests. U.S.

Senators can tilt the scales for or against us as it pertains to limiting executive powers that

may add to or take away the rights, we as a nation fought so hard to attain.

Bullying political leaders to endorse Murphy because her connections can ruin livelihoods,

businesses and deny resources to communities that need it the most, breeds resentment

among the base and fails to toggle the emotional needle for voters who hear “Line A all the

way!”, knowing votes are obligated and not earned.

In his three terms in the U.S. Congress, Andy Kim has stood up to attempts to

undermine our democracy, he’s fought corruption, and he’s been a voice for the rights of all

who struggle to be heard. Andy has worked for his community and his country his entire

life. He has young sons like me; he has been underestimated like me; and he believes in

grassroots like I do. Because neither of us were handpicked, we had to build movements

with our own hands. We had to raise money, build our own operation with friends and

family, and prove to our neighbors that we deserve their vote. 

When we vote for the people who represent us in Washington, we must elect people

who best reflect us and our values. I know what it’s like to be told not to run. I know what

it’s like to be told to wait my turn. I know what it’s like to have people in power expect me

to show up, but not speak out.  We need to elect a Senator who understands our lives, who

sees us, hears our voices, and is willing to do the right thing for our community and our


"Democracy is an action word, not a product of morality."

The fiercest opponents for Women’s Voting Rights were privileged white women

with powerful husbands who moved policies and politics by way of invited dinner guests.

We know there is a need for change. We know that in these times we can’t rely on

people who have been handed to us- to fight for us. Our voting rights, our reproductive

rights, immigration reforms and our civil rights are all on the line.

If we are deliberate and informed about for whom we are voting, the mechanisms are in place for our rights to consist of what we, the people choose to tolerate or demand.

I am arranging a listen and learn for Andy Kim and his run for U.S. Senate. I would like you to hear his platform and ask questions. If you would like to be in attendance please RSVP on the link below:

Yours truly,

Mayor Dahlia O. Vertreese


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